Why is their Gluten in Protein Powders?

When people hear about protein powders, many people don’t associate gluten with it. After all, gluten is in wheat isn’t it? The reason for having gluten in protein powders is for the chemical benefits. Gluten is a thickening agent to the protein, and it’s often added to improve whey’s thickening properties.

When whey is over processed, it loses its thickness and gluten is often added as a substitute. It can also be used to add texture to the powder. However, this can spell problems for those with gluten allergies and sensitivities.

Picking a Gluten Free Powder

Those with gluten allergies need protein powder too, but how do you make sure that there is no gluten in the mixture? Well, it requires research and study.

First, look at your gluten free protein powder and make sure the main ingredients are gluten-free. Most Whey, Rice protein, and other sources are free from gluten, but always double check. Ensuring that your protein source is organic is another great way to keep potential gluten additions out of your food. Then check the label and look for any signs of gluten.

Some companies might call it wheat protein or some other codename, so do some research into other names for gluten. If you find any on the label, then you might have a problem.

Keep it Simple

If you are really picky about the types of powder you want and you don’t want any gluten risk by misreading an ingredient, go for the powders that have just one ingredient. Many powders contain just Whey, Soy, or Rice protein and that’s it. No worries for you and you can be sure you are getting all the protein you need without any additions.

gluten free protein powder

Then you can take the protein and receive the full benefits without trouble.